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Awning permitYYour commercial awning starts with a collaborative design process that makes sure your vision is fulfilled, your building requirements are met, and most new Massachusetts commercial jobs will require approval from the city building department. Boston´s Awning offers services to secure and advice you with permit for this type of applications. Many cities have a multiple step approval process for awnings. You may be required to go through the City Planning Commission and/or Architectural Review Board before even getting a permit. The permit fee will vary depending on the price of the job and individual fees assessed by the governing building department. Sometimes an awning will also require a separate permit for signage or logos. Every city is different and each case is treated in its own way. Lastly, some commercial awnings will require a stamped drawing by a certified architect or engineer depending on the complexity and zoning. Application plan review fees, stamped drawings, and drawing time determine the price to provide this service for you as a customer.

Please note that because codes and regulations change everyday and we typically do not know how long the process will take or how much it will cost.

We will be more than happy to assist and guide youduring the process and make itas easy as possible.

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