Awnings Save Energy

Awnings can help you to lower those cooling costs, by reducing the solar heat that accumulates from direct sunlight through windows. According to The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, southern-facing awnings can provide 55 to 65 percent heat reduction; western-facing awnings can reduce 72 to 77 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?

Today's fabrics come in hundreds of solid and striped colors!

How do I keep my awning clean?

Regular maintenance generally means a once-a-year cleaning, with additional care if stains or soilage appears. Also, remember that your awning is an exterior product. In the same way you wouldn't leave your automobile outside without washing it for very long, you'll also need to clean your canvas awning to preserve and extend its good looks and service life.

Does the fabric color I choose affect how hot it is under my awning? Or, for that matter, how dark it will be shaded underneath?

The darker the color chosen, the darker the shade effect underneath will be. There are exceptions, however. Certain fabrics have a lighter-colored underneath side than the top-side color, which gives a more pleasing shading effect. As for the temperature, while color choice has some slight impact, the type of fabric chosen and the overall ventilation of the installation will have a greater effect.

Are awnings waterproof? 

Generally speaking, awning fabrics are water-repellent, not waterproof. There are exceptions though, which may be practical in certain environments. The fabrics' water-repellent characteristics allow you to fully enjoy the space shaded by the awning during any weather conditions that aren't severe.

What are the support frames made from? How durable are they? 

Our metal support frames are made from aluminum and will last a lifetime! Regular maintenance on a frame requires an annual inspection of fasteners, connections and metal condition. Frames are also available with a painted finish for additional protection and attractiveness.

Are there any other weather conditions I should be concerned about for my retractable awning? 

Retractable awnings primarily are designed to provide protection from the sun's rays and not from rain. However, it can be used in drizzle or misting rains with proper unit pitch. In heavy or driving rains, the unit must be retracted to keep water from “pooling” on the fabric and causing damage or irreversible fabric stretching.

What does an average-sized awning cost? 

Because most awnings are customized for each residence or business prices cannot be given without verified measurements and on-site inspection. Your awning supplier typically can meet with you for a free, in-home consultation to design an awning that's right for you.

Will my awning give me water and weather protection? 

Today's awning fabrics are considered water-repellent, not waterproof. Water-repellent awning and patio canopies will allow you to enjoy your deck or patio during most weather conditions that it is safe to be outside.

Do I need a permit for my job? 

Most new Massachusetts commercial jobs will require approval from the city building department. OJ Awning offers services to secure and advice you with permit for this type of applications. Many cities have a multiple step approval process for awnings. You may be required to go through the City Planning Commission and/or Architectural Review Board before even getting a permit. The permit fee will vary depending on the price of the job and individual fees assessed by the governing building department. Sometimes an awning will also require a separate permit for signage or logos. Every city is different and each case is treated in its own way. Lastly, some commercial awnings will require a stamped drawing by a certified architect or engineer depending on the complexity and zoning. Application plan review fees, stamped drawings, and drawing time determine the price to provide this service for you as a customer.

Please note that because codes and regulations change everyday and we typically do not know how long the process will take or how much it will cost.

I have an existing awning do I need a permit?

Existing awnings that need to be recovered generally will not need a permit. However, some cities will require a new cover with signage to be approved. 

What are your terms of sale?

OJ Awning typically will ask for 50% deposits for the down payment and the balance is due upon completion. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for payment. Please keep in mind warranties are not honored until payment is made in a timely manner after completion of the job.

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