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The Advantages of the Retractable Awning

A retractable awning uses a powered or manual winch to retract or deploy your awning quickly and easily. Retractable awnings offer the shelter of a traditional awning with the flexibility to remove the awning when not in use.

Let the Sun Shine In (Or Don't)
Retractable awnings provide you with unlimited flexibility. Unlike a pergola or fixed awning, you can set out or withdraw a retractable awning at any time. That makes these awnings perfect for stargazing or sunbathing one moment, then eating in the shade or dodging a rain shower the next.

It Only Takes a Minute
Retractable awnings can be rolled out or put away in just a few minutes. The quick and easy process means that you'll be more likely to use your awning and, more importantly, that you'll be more likely to put it away when you're done.

Good for You (And Your Wallet)
A retractable awning can provide protection from the sun for you, your furniture and the interior of your house. This creates a healthy, low-ultraviolet outdoor living space. Your awning will also protect your outdoor furniture from fading or damage.

By reducing the amount of sun pouring through your windows, you'll reduce cooling costs during the summer. In the winter, you can roll your awning back and let the sun warm your home.

Protect Your Investment
Your retractable awning will only be exposed to the elements when it needs to be. Storing your awning protects it from wind, moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. This level of protection will increase the lifespan of your retractable awning and keep it looking like new.

By: Gene Rodriguez, III

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